Bring Romantic Business Time Anywhere with Portable Conmoto Suitcase…

Fireplaces are great for ambiance, but generally not portable. Kooky German design firm Conmoto, who brought us the bookshelf fireplace back in December, has solved the portable problem with the Travelmate Portable Fireplace. At 55 lbs. it will require a little effort to cart it from room to room, but we think the… » 8/03/08 4:00pm 8/03/08 4:00pm

Planika Fires Lets You Stoke the Flames Without the Smoke

Nothing screams impeccable taste like having a fireplace in the middle of your coffee table and now, thanks to Planika Fires, you can keep the flames roaring without worrying about smoke or soot. The company makes the magic happen using a proprietary liquid biofuel called Fanola, which burns completely smoke and smell… » 5/18/08 12:30pm 5/18/08 12:30pm