Lufthansa Redefines Unnecessary Luxury With Fireplaces For Private Jets

If you were lucky enough to have your own private plane, you’d think flying wherever and whenever you wanted without being crammed in coach would be enough. But apparently luxury demands more luxury, which is why Lufthansa Technik developed a fireplace for planes. Yep, it’s ok to audibly sigh now. »6/02/15 11:40am6/02/15 11:40am


Cityscape Fireplace Appeals To Your Inner Arsonist

Given it's been so important to our development, it's no surprise mankind has a love affair with fire. Deep down we're all arsonists in our own little way: lighting candles, stoking campfires, or curling up near a fireplace. We all love watching things bur—right, guys? right—and that desire can be kept in check with… »8/23/12 11:20am8/23/12 11:20am

Fireplace with Built-In TV Might Melt Your TV, But the Neighbors Sure Will Be Impressed

While you could buy a big screen TV and place it near a fireplace, it doesn't really rub your net worth in the face of your guests like buying a fireplace with a built-in television. That's exactly what this Vok "Multimedia Fireplace" is, coming loaded up with a TV up to 52-inches in size, a DVD player and a Bose… »2/12/08 10:00am2/12/08 10:00am

Radius Design Home Flame Keeps the Domestic Fires Burning the Easy Way

As the weather gets cooler, we're starting to eagerly anticipate the romance of a fireplace, and we haven't seen any easier to deal with than this Radius Design Home Flame. Just about the only installation you need to worry about is to hang it on the wall like a picture frame, and there's no chimney, logs or smoke to… »10/26/07 9:03am10/26/07 9:03am