Simple Hack Enables Roughly One Gazillion Japanese Emoticons On Any iPhone

Emoji: if you've never heard of it, that's because you're probably not living in Japan, 12 years old, and a highly social schoolgirl. An emoticon standard that is widely used in the country, it was included in the iPhone 2.2 firmware on the SoftBank network, but not for anyone else. Apparently fed up with his lack of… »11/24/08 5:54am11/24/08 5:54am


iPod Touch Denied Street View, Other Google Maps Upgrades in Firmware 2.2

Our testing has confirmed that iPod Touch users do not get updates to their Google Maps app with firmware 2.2, which, at least on the iPhone, includes the addition of Street View as well as public transit and walking directions. The updated browser interface, podcast downloading and assorted other tweaks are all… »11/21/08 6:01am11/21/08 6:01am

Rumor Smashed: No Blu-ray-to-PSP Transfers in New PS3 Firmware

Turns out that the upcoming 2.2 firmware update for the PS3, which'll make it the best Blu-ray player on the block—isn't coming with the magic ability to transfer Blu-ray copies to the PSP, as PC World had reported. Sony told our garlicky cousins at Kotaku that Portable Copy (catchy name!) won't be included in the 2.2… »3/24/08 3:50pm3/24/08 3:50pm