First! A Real, Actual History of the Dumbest Commenting Vice Ever

More than anything else, the internet commenting First! is a declaration of ownership, the unfurled flag of a Mountain Dew fueled conquistador claiming a particular post his, by virtue of getting there first, and saying it. Noted chronological-commenting historian Patton Oswalt has an excellent new documentary about… »5/21/12 8:00pm5/21/12 8:00pm

FIRST Robot Competition Finals Streaming Live RIGHT NOW

Though the championship match isn't slated for a few more hours—we'll be back with full coverage when it does—the division finals for the student-built robotics extravaganza are now streaming live from the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. These are the elimination matches, so there are sure to be some robot tears shed. Tune… »4/17/10 2:50pm4/17/10 2:50pm

First Recording of Computer Music Found. Verdict: Catchy, But You Can't Dance to It

A recent dig around in the BBC's archives has resulted in an unexpected find: recordings made in 1951 of a Ferranti Mark 1 computer playing tunes. Predating what was thought previously to be the first (on a Bell Labs IBM mainframe in 1957) the tapes were made during a recording of Children's Hour in Manchester… »6/18/08 6:21am6/18/08 6:21am