What WWII's Top Secret Spy Manual Can Teach You About Wilderness Survival

Before there was a CIA there was England’s Special Operations Executive. And, as WWII heated up, it put all of its collective tradecraft knowledge into a single training manual. And, it turns out that training spies to operate behind enemy lines is often good training for going outdoors, too. »11/10/15 7:15pm11/10/15 7:15pm


A Better First Aid Kit That Makes Suggestions and Knows What's Missing

Even a well-stocked first-aid kit is all but useless if you crack it open but have no idea what's actually needed for a particular emergency. So these aptly-named Clever Medkits feature a series of buttons and LED lighting that only illuminates the medical supplies needed for a specific injury, and it will even remind… »7/30/14 1:29pm7/30/14 1:29pm

Drops First Aid: Knowledge You Need to Save a Life Right in Your Pocket

Of all the things you never leave home without, your phone is usually somewhere near the top of that list, ready to whip out at a moments notice. You keep all your most vital information on it: birthdays, important meetings, reminders, beloved images, what have you—but all of this is worthless without the people… »5/22/13 6:00pm5/22/13 6:00pm

Bready Bandages Will Dissolve Into Sugar Once You've Healed

Penn State's department of food science has been hard at work using an electrospinning device to stretch fibrous strands out of a biodegradable food-starch solution. Using a solvent to dissolve the starch into a fluid, long strands are spun, which, in great quantity, can be woven together together as one would a… »5/01/12 9:20pm5/01/12 9:20pm

UNICEF's Future Relief Parcels Will Provide Food, Water and Shelter in One, Lego-Shaped, Brick

You'd think there isn't much room for innovation when it comes to delivering emergency rations to refugees and disaster victims, but that's not quite the case. UNICEF has tapped design firm Psychic Factory to develop an aid package that not only carries food and water, but also helps build a shelter. »11/22/11 7:20pm11/22/11 7:20pm