Star Wars: The Force Awakens first teaser trailer is here at last!

After years of wait, it's finally here! The first look at J.J. Abrams' Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It's loaded with new cool stuff: The new version of the X-Wing fighters, new characters, new storm stormtroopers, and one really cool shot of the Millennium Falcon battling TIE fighters over a desert. Watch it! »11/28/14 10:19am11/28/14 10:19am


Philips Ambi Sound Review (Verdict: Big Sound, Small Package)

The Philips HTS8100 Ambi Sound DVD Home Theater System can pump out some amazing sound. It plays back DVDs, scaling their video from their lowly standard-definition up to 1080p. The system also includes an iPod dock that rocks your tunes into those superb speakers and splashes your pictures all over your HDTV, fed via… »7/23/07 4:31pm7/23/07 4:31pm

Dell Rolls Out Speedy High-End Mobile Precision M4300 Laptop

Following its pretty-boy multicolored notebooks released earlier this week, Dell brought out the big gun of its laptop line today, showing us its Dell Precision M4300 Mobile Workstation with Intel's latest Santa Rosa chipset. Built in exactly the same form factor as its predecessor that it replaces, the M65, the M4300… »6/28/07 9:36am6/28/07 9:36am

Groping Sony Ericsson's Non-Geeky MBW-150 Bluetooth Watch

Sony Ericsson first revealed its MBW-150 Bluetooth watch this morning, with Sony insides and design by watchmaker Fossil. It lets you control your Bluetooth-compatible cellphone or music player from your watch. Sony Ericsson had one like this before, but this one is even thinner, and the best part is it looks like an… »6/14/07 1:00pm6/14/07 1:00pm

Exclusive Hands-On: Wolverine ESP's 160GB PMP Holds Most Media in the World

We've taken a glance at Wolverine ESP Multimedia players before, but none have had the ability to store 160GB of data on an internal hard drive, the largest amount of storage space available on a portable player. We've had a chance to spent some quality time with the Wolverine ESP, and found it to be a bit clunky but… »2/23/07 2:45pm2/23/07 2:45pm

First Look: Ultimate Ears 10 Pro Reviewed (Verdict: Aural Sex)

What kind of sound comes out of $400 earphones? After reading our post announcing their imminent arrival, curious commenters asked me to let them know how these Ultimate Ears 10 Pro babies sound, so I got one of the first pairs of these triple driver earphones and reviewed them for Digital Producer. The… »10/23/06 10:08am10/23/06 10:08am