Twitter Is Suing For the Right to Show How Many Fed Requests It Gets

In the past, companies like Facebook and Microsoft have released so-called transparency reports about the government surveillance requests they've received—but per government restrictions, the numbers have been relatively vague. Today, Twitter just filed a lawsuit to lift the restrictions on what they're allowed to… »10/07/14 3:26pm10/07/14 3:26pm


The Privacy Paradox: How US Surveillance Acts Contradict Each Other

The report from the President's Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technologies on the U.S. government's mass spying—domestically and around the globe— has much that's good in it. As the folks handling the only ongoing case where National Security Letters have been declared unconstitutional, we also… »1/13/14 4:23am1/13/14 4:23am

The Secret NSA Documents and FISA Court Opinions Released By Government

The Director of National Intelligence (DNI) just today released hundreds of pages of documents related to the government's secret interpretation of Patriot Act Section 215 and the NSA's (mis)use of its massive database of every American's phone records. The documents were released as a result of EFF's ongoing Freedom… »9/11/13 3:40am9/11/13 3:40am

The NSA Oversteps Its Legal Authority and the Court Can't Stop It

The Washington Post dropped two reports that exposes the recklessness of the NSA's spying program. The first report is insane: the NSA has "broken privacy rules or overstepped its legal authority" thousands of times a year and the second report explains the insanity: the FISC court that's supposed to be in charge of… »8/15/13 10:44pm8/15/13 10:44pm

The Tech Companies in PRISM Aren't Telling the Complete Truth

Apple. Facebook. Google. Microsoft. Yahoo. AOL. YouTube. Skype. PalTalk. The tech companies that have been associated with PRISM have all unequivocally denied involvement with the spying program. But are they speaking the whole truth? Or are they simply using choice words to evade the real question? It definitely… »6/07/13 11:13pm6/07/13 11:13pm

Why Is Anyone Surprised That the Government Spies on Us?

Everybody from Tea Party patriots to left wing weirdos are up in arms over PRISM, the government's ultra secret surveillance program that's been reading Americans' emails, listening to their phone calls and raking through their Internet data—among other things—since 2007. Details of the program exploded onto the… »6/07/13 3:48pm6/07/13 3:48pm

Senate High-Fives Phone Companies for Spying on Americans

In a historic vote this afternoon, the Senate voted to amend the Foreign Intelligence Security Act (FISA) to expand the government's surveillance capabilities and provide retroactive immunity for phone companies who participated in the Bush administration's illegal wiretapping program. The margin of victory was wide,… »7/09/08 8:30pm7/09/08 8:30pm