How To Turn a Fish Tank Into a Crazy Alien World

CGI is everywhere, but there's something about practical effects that are just way cooler, especially when you dig into what it takes to make them happen. "Cloud Tanks" are tool that's been used in plenty of great films like Raiders of the Lost Ark, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, and Poltergeist to make weird… » 10/07/12 6:00pm 10/07/12 6:00pm

Kickstarter Project Promises Menacing Desktop Jellyfish On-Demand

Fish tank? Pish posh. I desire a desktop tank full of jelly-like invertebrates, thank you very much, which is why I'm currently desiring this tank full of tiny Medusozoa something fierce. Yes, that'd be jellyfish to the layperson. » 8/14/11 12:00pm 8/14/11 12:00pm

AquaVista Aquarium Is the Other Way To Put 3D Fish On Your Wall

Yeah, watching some fish swim around in Planet Earth on a wall-mounted, flat panel 3DTV is probably pretty epic. But you know what's even better? Watching some REAL F-ING FISH swim around in your wall-mounted, flat panel fish tank. » 5/12/10 9:20pm 5/12/10 9:20pm

Spillarium Tank Keeps Fish Acutely Aware of Their Mortality

Why bore your fish with a humdrum aquarium when you can house them in the Spillarium, a spherical 5 gallon tank that features color-changing LED lights and a spilling waterfall that plunges into a bigger fish's ceramic maw. » 1/02/10 2:00pm 1/02/10 2:00pm

Floating Garden Freshwater Aquarium Naturally Filters Fishpoop Into…

If this aquarium doesn't qualify as green innovation, then I don't know what does. Because using a small garden to filter out nitrates from your freshwater fish tank is pretty damn eco-conscious. » 6/11/09 3:00am 6/11/09 3:00am