LED Earth Globe Aquarium Addresses Poorly Represented Fish Bowl Rave…

As if fish had it bad enough. They're trapped in a tiny bowl, dependent on you to toss them a handful of dried shrimp from time to time, and now with this glass LED-illuminated globe bowl they're going to be forced into an underwater rave every time the lights go off. Still, this little $50 half gallon bowl is pretty… » 8/03/08 12:00pm 8/03/08 12:00pm

Find Nemo Floating in a Four-Way USB Hub. Verdict: Fishy!

Someone, somewhere, gets to design these weird and wonderful USB hubs: and this one is perhaps the craziest we've seen. It's a four-way hub with a fishbowl. With a plastic fish, a couple of shells, a splash of greenery and real water. And it illuminates, cycling through four different colors. It's fantastic,… » 4/03/08 7:43am 4/03/08 7:43am

Racetrack Fishbowl For Goldfish Daredevils

Goldfish lead boring lives. Granted, they are probably not intelligent enough to realize what they are missing, but with the threat of a porcelain grave constantly looming—these little guys need to live for the moment. This "Speedfish" bowl allows them to do just that with a design that focuses on the exciting world… » 2/13/08 6:30pm 2/13/08 6:30pm