Octopus Studios' Silverfish Aquarium Is 1980s' Future Fish Tank Now

The Octopus Studios' Silverfish Aquarium (see BBGadgets for bookworm joke that, I'll be honest, took me a second) is one of those things you wish you had right up until the day you get it, then you spend a couple of years wondering what you were thinking. Sure, its six orbs of sturdy clear PMMA plastic are future… »2/01/08 12:30pm2/01/08 12:30pm

Fish Bridge Connects Two Aquariums; if Only Fish Were Smart Enough to Use it

This sweet fish-tank setup features a gigantic water bridge that connects two tanks, allowing the fishy inhabitants to travel between the two habitats at their leisure. It was housed in the former Evanston, IL, coffee shop the Liquid Potion Lounge, and it was amazing. Sure, it's highly unlikely that the fish even… »1/18/08 11:22am1/18/08 11:22am