Misfit's New Shine 2 Fitness Tracker Is Much More Helpful Than the Original

Misift’s Shine fitness tracker focused on being good at one thing when it was introduced into the wearable wild in 2012, um, tracking fitness. But since then, wearables have evolved beyond counting steps and seeing how well you’re snoozing. Now, notifications are a must for many fitness trackers. That’s why the Shine… »10/20/15 10:30pm10/20/15 10:30pm

Polar Now Puts Heart Rate Monitoring On Your Wrist With Its New A360 Fitness Tracker

Earlier this year we weren’t exactly enamored with Polar’s A300 fitness tracking watch that gave up the M400’s GPS for a slightly cheaper price tag. And while the new A360 doesn’t have GPS either, it makes up for it with a built-in optical heart rate monitor, a color touchscreen display, and a sleeker design. »10/20/15 6:00am10/20/15 6:00am

Speedo and Misfit Team Up For a Swimming-Focused Fitness Tracker

Misfit’s button-sized Shine fitness tracker is already waterproof to a depth of over 160 feet, so swimmers don’t need to take it off while training. But since accurately measuring laps is different than measuring steps, Misfit has teamed up with Speedo to create a new version of the Shine that’s customized to track… »8/18/15 9:00am8/18/15 9:00am

Jawbone's New Fitness Tracker Brings Mobile Payments to Your Wrist

I’ve wanted a fitness tracker for years. Something discreet with crazy good battery life that not only quantifies my movement but also packages the data in a way I can understand. The UP3 promised that and more last fall, and now it’s finally ready to ship this week—but it’s bringing along two new friends. »4/16/15 12:30pm4/16/15 12:30pm

You'd Never Know This Stylish Helvetica Watch Is a Fitness Tracker

Athletes were among the first to adopt and wear fitness trackers, which is why they're all styled to look like an athletic accessory. But since everyone can benefit from a little motivation to stay active, especially those stuck behind a desk, we're starting to see fitness trackers that look more like… »2/27/15 10:20am2/27/15 10:20am