Breeze: Finally, a RunKeeper For Those Who'd Rather Walk

We really dig RunKeeper, the smart fitness app that keeps track of your jogs. But how's an anti-jogger supposed to get in on all the fitness tracking? Enter Breeze, RunKeeper's brand-new walk-tracking iPhone app for people who prefer a saunter to a sprint. » 4/17/14 11:00am Today 11:00am

Apple's Fitness-Tracking Ambitions Go Beyond the iWatch

Lately, all the talk has been about the fitness-tracking, health-monitoring smartwatch that Apple is assumedly building. But a patent granted to Apple today shows the company wants to get into fitness tracking not just on your wrist, but in your ear, with sensor-laden earbuds to measure your athletic performance. » 2/18/14 10:26am 2/18/14 10:26am

Larklife Is the Wristband to Track Your Life

Lark, the folks who made the wristband alarm clock to track your sleep, now has a wristband to track your life. Called Larklife, the wristband tracks your steps taken, calories burned and distance traveled and your diet and sleep too. » 10/08/12 9:00am 10/08/12 9:00am

Jawbone UP Review: A Potentially Wonderful Thing That You Should Not…

The Jawbone Up is everything I ever wanted in a fitness tracker. Because it's a bracelet, it's always with me. It goes everywhere, it's positively ambient, and ridiculously fun. That's great. Don't buy it. Without a big fix, it's garbage. » 11/30/11 3:04pm 11/30/11 3:04pm