Fila Skele-toes Amp Lightning Review: A Faux-Minimalist Mutant Running…

They're toe shoes, for running—but wait! Only four toes? And those soles... thick but light. Just what the hell are these things? They're Fila's new Skele-toes Amp. The company's first attempt at a more natural running shoe. Do they actually perform, or are they just trying to ride the barefoot bandwagon? » 3/26/12 4:30pm 3/26/12 4:30pm

US Army Bans Toe Shoes for Looking So Damn Goofy

FiveFingers running shoes and the rest of the quasi-barefoot movement are a pretty zealous bunch—they wear a pretty polarizing shoe. But the debate is now quashed in the military, with an official ban. Why? They look too silly. » 7/07/11 1:20pm 7/07/11 1:20pm

Fivefingers, For That "Big Foot" Look

Here's a pair of shoes that will no doubt draw stares. Fivefingers from Vibram USA are supposed to give you some sort of a thrill, as if your feet are naked but they're still protected. The Vibram website lists all kinds of pseudo-therapeutical horseshit about why the shoes are oh-so-much better, but we're thinking… » 6/07/06 12:39pm 6/07/06 12:39pm