Torching Gatorade with a flamethrower creates colorful mini fountains

Who knew that Gatorade, an elixir of life, would be such a fun thing to blast a flamethrower at? Turns out because the plastic bottle shrinks while the cap disintegrates (since there’s no liquid in it), the delicious hangover-curing fluid starts spewing all over the place. Science experiments that involve… »6/22/15 10:39pm6/22/15 10:39pm


A Rocket Launcher and Flamethrower Fall in Love, and a Deadly Weapon Is Born

The M2 flamethrower utilized by Allied forces during WWII proved to be a devastatingly effective weapon against bunkers—and Axis psyches. However, walking around a firefight with a napalm-filled backpack and an effective range of 20m is a great way to become a crispy critter. So the US military developed the M202… »8/01/12 11:30am8/01/12 11:30am

Chinese Army Fights a Wasp Colony in the Most Awesome Way Possible

The wasps had already killed a man and stung dozens of others. But, located out of reach high atop a tree surrounded by rugged terrain, the massive colony was impervious to attack by the villagers of Jiangjin Tsz Wan Yuen Tsuen, China. The situation became so dire that the Army had to intervene—with flamethrowers. [… »7/31/12 3:00am7/31/12 3:00am

New Watchmen Character Posters Give Sneak Peek on Their Gadgets

Behold, the amazing new character banners for Watchmen, a perfect mix of reality and illustration styling. One of the things that I loved about Watchmen back in the 80s—yes, I bought the original when it first came out—was the technology, omnipresent across the whole series. Dave Gibbons made every gadget and… »11/12/08 8:15am11/12/08 8:15am

Fairground Shooting Gallery Gets Flamethrower Makeover for Burning Man

Created for this year's Burning Man festival, the Flamethrower Shooting Gallery looks like one hell of a stress-relieving sideshow amusement. It was created by Matisse and Roxie and recently debuted at the Oakland The Crucible's Fire Arts Festival... presumably to a warm reception. Check out the short video to see it… »7/17/08 8:41am7/17/08 8:41am

X-Man Wannabe Student Builds Wrist-Mounted Flamethrower

Everett Bradford is a student with a wannabe superhero streak, so for a project in his mechanisms class he's built his own flamethrower. A wrist-mounted one, to give an arm-directed puff of flame like Pyro from X-Men. As you can see from the video, it actually works... so ten out of ten to Everett. But minus several… »4/24/08 11:40am4/24/08 11:40am