Some Guy Made a Corn Starch Flamethrower But You Definitely Shouldn't

In the right hands anything can be used as a dangerous weapon. And in this case the anything is a container of corn starch, and the right hands belong to Ivan Owen, who used a leaf blower, an acetylene torch, and a flour sifter to turn the innocuous pantry staple into flamethrower fuel. » 12/29/14 10:14am 12/29/14 10:14am

Build a Flame-Spewing Fire-Pistol

Whether you've got to start that campfire, like, 30 seconds ago, are ineffectually defending yourself from Polar Bear attacks, or just really want to get arrested at airport security, this hand-crafted hand-torch can do them all. Here's how to construct your own. » 11/07/11 11:40pm 11/07/11 11:40pm

How to Build Your Very Own Flamethrower Jack-O'-Lantern

There's no shortage of insane and awesome Jack-O'-Lanterns this time of year, but this is the first we've seen that shoots fire out of its mouth via a remote controlled flame thrower. Instructables user randofo has a guide on how to make your own. » 10/27/11 6:20pm 10/27/11 6:20pm

The Mayor of Boston Wanted to Fight Snow with Flamethrowers in 1948

Many of you are probably either snowed in, cold, or at least inconvenienced by the latest onslaught of flakes. Shoveling sucks! Snowblowers are obnoxious! The elegant solution? Flamethrowers, as asked of MIT by the Mayor of Boston, 60 years ago. » 2/04/11 3:20pm 2/04/11 3:20pm

Watch This Super-Powered Bike Shoot Flames Out of Its Handles

Whatever you're pedaling, it's time to give it a stern, disappointed look. Because it just got obliterated by this flame-thrower strapping, ejector seated, caterpillar tracked monster. The BOND Bike, friends, leaves me shaken and stirred. » 9/29/10 10:40am 9/29/10 10:40am

Flamethrower Trombone: Revenge of the Marching Band

It's best not to ask why someone would outfit his trombone with a flamethrower. The better question is why the rest of the brass section hasn't followed suit. » 8/24/10 1:40pm 8/24/10 1:40pm

Good Morning, Britain!

Going through some sort of third-life crisis, 30 year old British plumber Colin Fruze did what every road-rager dreams of, but dares not do: attached a flame-thrower to his moped. Take that, Ford Mondeo men! [Daily Mail via GizmoWatch] » 3/25/10 5:40am 3/25/10 5:40am

DIY Flamethrower Wall Poster: The Perfect Holiday Gift

There's nothing quite like the home creation of deadly weapons. I mean, what could go wrong? This beautiful $11 wall chart explains how everyday materials can become a propane-powered flamethrower, and there's a potato cannon version, too. Take a look: » 12/03/09 2:40pm 12/03/09 2:40pm

Homemade Air Horn Flamethrower: DIY if You Dare

Artist and sculptor Ariel Schlesinger somehow (his site is down, so the guide is AWOL at the moment) replaced an air horn's compressed air tank with butane to create what we can only refer to as a fire horn. Awesome. » 9/02/09 8:00pm 9/02/09 8:00pm