Flash for Windows Mobile About to Leapfrog iPhone For No Good Reason

Adobe is set to demonstrate a full-functioning build of Flash on Windows Mobile 6.1 today at the Adobe MAX conference, indicating that the era of hacky stop-gap measures »11/17/08 5:16am11/17/08 5:16am and the mildly convincing Flash Lite may soon be coming to an end, at least for some. But what of the two most net-centric phone OSes? Android…

Hi Ho Silverlight? Microsoft Windows Mobile Gets PDF and Flash Friendly

Microsoft just signed a deal to license Adobe's Flash Lite and Reader PDF formats for Windows Mobile. There's no word yet on when this will appear in the operating system itself, but it's a nice show of openness. It also means two things:
1) Microsoft's Flash competitor, Silverlight, may not be cutting the mustard,… »3/17/08 9:22am3/17/08 9:22am