Add To Your Flash Storage Collection with This Huge Sony Sale

You can never have too much flash storage lying around, and Amazon's discounting a nice collection of Sony SD cards, MicroSD cards, and flash drives, today only. The prices are all great, but the Android compatible flash drives are probably the most exciting items in the bunch. » 1/29/15 8:45am 1/29/15 8:45am

Stock Up on Cheap Flash Storage From Amazon, Today Only

Everyone could use more flash storage, and Amazon has you covered today with a huge sale on flash drives, SD cards, and microSD cards from SanDisk. » 12/30/14 8:45am 12/30/14 8:45am

Scientists Built Flash Storage in a Single Molecule

When a lot of us think about storage, we still think about that archaic method of encoding data by etching patterns into a disk. That's so 20th century. In the era of flash storage, researchers are now doing amazing things with chemical bonds—things like storing data on a single molecule. » 11/21/14 9:45am 11/21/14 9:45am

A Bunch of Lexar Flash Storage Is Heavily Discounted Today

Today's Amazon Gold Box features a nice collection of flash storage from Lexar. The speedy UH3-3 Micro SD cards are particularly interesting, but pretty much everything they're offering is solid. » 10/06/14 9:15am 10/06/14 9:15am

A Ton of Sony Storage is On Sale Today, Even a Vita Memory Card!

Amazon's Gold Box is stuffed full of Sony flash storage today, including (drumroll) a rarely-discounted 16GB Vita memory card for $25. » 6/27/14 8:20am 6/27/14 8:20am

Memory City Will Turn Your Mountain of Flash Drives into a Byte-Sized…

The flash drives are taking over. They live in your desk drawers, you laptop bag, between your couch cushions and in your pockets. They're taking over. It's out of control. They need a home. Behold, Memory City. » 9/19/11 4:00pm 9/19/11 4:00pm

Rumor: Updated MacBook Airs Will Be Extra-Speedy With 400Mbps NAND…

It's expected that Apple will update the MacBook Air line this July, but with what, exactly? According to components manufacturers that the Japanese website spoke to, they'll include the latest 19-nanometer NAND chips which have been soldered right onto the motherboard, as opposed to using an mSATA… » 7/05/11 3:40am 7/05/11 3:40am

128 GB SDXC Cards Are Finally Available

For those lusting after Lexar's 128GB SDXC card, they're now shipping. The $330 price is steep if you just want one for the hell of it, but there's always the 64GB version for $200. [Lexar via DP Review via Engadget] » 3/15/11 8:00pm 3/15/11 8:00pm

So SDXC Cards Go to 128GB Now

We're still a long ways from the 2TB SDXC cards we were promised. But that doesn't mean my jaw's not dropping a little to see Lexar's 128GB SDXC card. And then dropping a little lower at the price. » 1/03/11 8:00pm 1/03/11 8:00pm

The Future of Storage

If you take the guts of a Blu-ray or DVD player, blow it up, and spread it across a work bench, it looks like this. So you might be surprised to know that you're looking at the future of storage. » 3/19/10 4:00pm 3/19/10 4:00pm

Western Digital's SiliconDrive III Lineup Are Their First SSD Offerings

Western Digital just made their first move into the SSD world by announcing that their now shipping the SiliconDrive III lineup (presumably to OEMs), promising storage capacities up to 120 GB and read/write speeds of 100 and 80 MB/sec, respectively. » 6/16/09 6:00pm 6/16/09 6:00pm

Sony Ericsson Ditches Memory Stick Micro in Cellphones, Goes with…

Looks like Sony Ericsson is admitting defeat in the flash storage war, as TrustedReviews reports SE is going with MicroSD in future phones instead of the parent company's Memory Stick Micro format. » 6/02/09 12:30am 6/02/09 12:30am

Flash Storage Is About to Hit a Brick Wall

That dire warning comes from SanDisk's CEO Eli Harari. The capacity of flash chips has doubled 19 times in 14 years to 64 billion bits, currently. But Harari says they're "running out of electrons." » 5/22/09 6:00pm 5/22/09 6:00pm

A Glimpse at the Eye-Fi's Teeny Tiny Wi-Fi Antenna

One Flickr member ripped apart his broken Eye-Fi after being sent a replacement. No big surprises were found, but that gold bar on top? That's the integrated Wi-Fi antenna. Cool stuff, no? [Flickr via bbGadgets] » 2/02/09 1:20pm 2/02/09 1:20pm