Add To Your Flash Storage Collection with This Huge Sony Sale

You can never have too much flash storage lying around, and Amazon's discounting a nice collection of Sony SD cards, MicroSD cards, and flash drives, today only. The prices are all great, but the Android compatible flash drives are probably the most exciting items in the bunch. »1/29/15 8:45am1/29/15 8:45am


Rumor: Updated MacBook Airs Will Be Extra-Speedy With 400Mbps NAND Flash Storage

It's expected that Apple will update the MacBook Air line this July, but with what, exactly? According to components manufacturers that the Japanese website spoke to, they'll include the latest 19-nanometer NAND chips which have been soldered right onto the motherboard, as opposed to using an mSATA… »7/05/11 3:40am7/05/11 3:40am