This Extra Lens Is Like a Megaphone For Your DSLR's Pop-up Flash

It might occasionally come in handy as a bit of fill light for a shot, but your DSRL's pop-up flash is a poor substitute for a dedicated flash perched atop your camera. It makes sense why it sucks; it's designed to be small and compact enough to fold away. But with Rogue's Safari Flash Booster added to the mix, all… »9/16/13 1:20pm9/16/13 1:20pm


Apple Patent Would Turn Your Friend's iPhones Into a Lighting Kit

If you've ever been on the set of a professional photography shoot, you'll notice the photographer doesn't just rely on a single camera-mounted flash. Instead, they use a series of strategically positioned flashes, all tethered together so they function as one, to precisely control where and how much light is hitting… »5/16/13 9:25am5/16/13 9:25am

This iPhone Case Is a Tiny Photography Studio That Won't Help Your iPhone 5's Camera

There's usually a dearth of new iPhone accessories leading up to an Apple event, because most companies don't want to release a product incompatible with the latest model. Not Manfrotto. Its new KLYP case improves your iPhone's shots with a much needed mini tripod and large multi-LED flash. But iPhone 5 owners can… »9/27/12 3:40pm9/27/12 3:40pm

Polaroid's Dua Flash Embraces Videographers and Photographers

Like skiers and snowboarders sharing the same powder, I envision some kind of uneasy truce between those using their DSLRs for still photography, and those using them for videography. I have no basis for the dirty looks and stink eye I imagine them giving each other, but it still warms my heart to see a company like… »10/29/11 3:00pm10/29/11 3:00pm