HTC Will Unlock The Bootloaders on Its Android Devices

HTC finally gets it. The Taiwanese company will no longer lock the bootloaders on its Android devices. Rooting and flashing will be available to all. This news comes straight from CEO Peter Chou who made the following statement, » 5/26/11 9:45pm 5/26/11 9:45pm

Way More Boobs About to Make Disneyland Rollercoasters Exciting Again

On many Disneyland coasters, there's a camera set up to automatically take your picture as you go down the biggest drop. They then try to sell you said picture at the end of the ride. Of course, this is a great opportunity to flash your boobs and have a bunch of kids see it, so Disney has always kept employees on hand… » 5/07/09 11:14am 5/07/09 11:14am

Flashing Push Pins: Can You See Me Now?

Too thick to notice there's a message for you tacked onto the bulletin board? These flashing pushpins won't let you ignore them, leaving you without any more excuses. Available in your choice of red, green or blue, they're $3.99 apiece or $11.99 for a set of three. » 12/08/06 3:35pm 12/08/06 3:35pm

Flash Nintendo DS Lite To Play Homebrew

Now that the Nintendo DS Lite is out, surreptitious individuals everywhere have been wondering how to get it to play all their precious homebrew. (No, "homebrew" is not code for pirated backups, silly.) Check out this video where a model citizen explains how to finagle the DS Lite to let it boot backups without any… » 6/21/06 2:44pm 6/21/06 2:44pm