Presslite Vertex Makes Photo Flash Bouncecard More Flexible

Watch a professional photographer closely, and you'll see they sometimes modify the light coming out of their flashgun with a bit of white card held on by elastic bands. It's a simple way of scattering the flash to give even light coverage of a subject, and this new Presslite Vertex gizmo offers a more controlled way… »5/23/08 6:28am5/23/08 6:28am


New mimobots Bring Some Friends of the Happy Tree Variety

I know that underneath their tarted-up plastic shells, they're just regular USB drives, but I dig the whole mimobot concept anyway because I have a soft spot for overpriced art toys. While the guts haven't changed since the last update (1, 2, or 4GB sizes, for $50, $70 and $110, respectively), mimoco just dropped 15… »8/08/07 12:17pm8/08/07 12:17pm