Skeuomorphism Will Never Go Away, And That's a Good Thing

Just a year and a half ago, we noted the demise of skeuomorphism in Apple interface design. Today, Co.Design's John Brownlee points out that "the most-hated design trend" is back with Apple Watch's clock-like interface. But skeuomorphism never really went away. In fact, we should all hope it never does. »10/03/14 1:36pm10/03/14 1:36pm


The Future of Apple Design Is Hidden Inside OS X Yosemite

Today at WWDC, Apple gave OS X a design overhaul that's just as huge as its namesake. Yosemite is bright, sharp, and flat as hell. But while OS X now looks more like iOS, iOS and OS X are also more alike than ever. Apple is finally—finally—establishing a consistent design language across its platforms. »6/02/14 4:27pm6/02/14 4:27pm

How Different Your Favorite Apps Look in iOS 7 (Updating)

All that chatter about the death of skeuomorphism and the rise of flat design, iOS 7 is finally here. It's got a new look, which means your apps do, too. We're compiling all of your favorite apps in both their old and updated forms so you can see exactly what's changed and what's pretty much the same. Keep checking… »9/18/13 1:33pm9/18/13 1:33pm

How a Renaissance Artist Imagined iOS Almost 500 Years Ago

Apple's iOS may be undergoing the biggest change since its inception, but that doesn't mean the spirit of the operating system hasn't been floating around designer's heads for hundreds of years. In 1525, before the iPhone was even a twinkle in Steve Jobs' eye, German polymath Albrecht Dürer was espousing similar… »8/19/13 10:53am8/19/13 10:53am

Designers, Shadows Are Totally Fine in a Flat UI

This time, just a year ago, very few people knew the terms “skeuomorphism” and “flat design." We complained about the kind of leathery design of some apps on iOS and OS X, but in general, the UI of Apple’s mobile operating system was just fine. Then, in just a few weeks, everything changed—and suddenly flat design… »7/01/13 12:00pm7/01/13 12:00pm

Beyond Flat: Six iOS 7 Fixes Apple Needs to Make

Black, white, and flat all over. Those are the much-ballyhooed words of an anonymous source quoted by every tech blog on the Internet last week, describing the future of iOS. And indeed, if early glimpses are any indication, some flatness may be in our future. But there's a more important question out there that has… »6/05/13 1:35pm6/05/13 1:35pm

Let's Hope Apple's iOS 7 Music App Is Half as Clever as This Concept

If there's anything the internet has waxed poetic about wanting—nay—needing to see on the upcoming iOS 7 release, it's a general flat design overhaul. But while that's a completely valid demand, we've yet to hear too much about how Apple might address specific features in need of major functionality tuneups—until… »6/03/13 5:13pm6/03/13 5:13pm

Almost Flat: The Future of iOS Design?

‘Completely flat’, ‘like Android’, ‘Microsoft-flat’ etc., etc., etc. The talk about how Apple are going to ‘flatten out’ their UI style has set the rumour-mills ablaze with completely spurious conjecture. So I thought I’d add to it. However, let’s approach this not from ‘what one insider source told someone’ but… »5/15/13 6:00am5/15/13 6:00am