Sony XEL-1 OLED TV Review (Verdict: Small on Size, Large on Beauty)

Why is this dinky little TV so important? Its screen is roughly the size of the box that Lebowski comes in, and it costs hundreds more than the 50" plasma overshadowing it in the picture. Why so important? Because this little TV is LCD's Grim Reaper. The days of the LCD are numbered—the time of OLED is at hand. And if… »3/25/08 4:30pm3/25/08 4:30pm

Canon, Panasonic and Hitachi Join Up, Dig In for Flat-Panel War

When it looks like it might get ugly outside, you hold hands. At least in the business world. And the flat panel market, especially LCDs, is looking pretty throat-cutty. Hence we've got two big back-to-back hookups: First, Toshiba and Sharp. Now, Canon and Panasonic are each swallowing 24.9 percent of Hitachi… »12/26/07 2:45pm12/26/07 2:45pm

1080p TVs Never Deliver 1080p Motion, But Some Do Better Than Others

It's a fact of life: when you buy a 1080p set, you never see true 1080p resolution when things are in motion. Gary Merson (of Home Theater Mag and looked at 19 TVs listed as 1080p, and found that while their "static" resolution ranged from true 1080 down to a miserable 400, the "motion" resolution of the… »11/16/07 8:42am11/16/07 8:42am

Hitachi, Prince of Plasma, Adds Four 1080p LCDs To Its Mostly Plasma Lineup

Hitachi has long been a respected member of the plasma posse, so it was pretty wild to learn today that it was adding some high-quality Korean-built LCDs to its lineup. (Does this mean the end of plasma is nigh?) All told, Hitachi added three new series of flat panels. The funny thing was, the LCDs and plasmas were… »6/26/07 10:08pm6/26/07 10:08pm

This is Why You Shouldn't Clean Your HDTV with Windex

We know spring is here and we know you wanna keep all your gadgets nice and shiny, but you see that dark, u-shaped streak running through the bottom of this DLP TV? That's what happened when some poor schmo sprayed Windex (or any other cleaner) directly onto his flat-panel DLP. The liquid drips down to the bottom of… »4/11/07 8:40pm4/11/07 8:40pm