iOS Security Flaw Allows Trusted Apps to Take Over Your iPhone

Apple's pretty proud of its App Store approval system. Too bad security hacker Charlie Miller found a code-signing flaw that allows good apps to go bad. Here's how an app downloaded from the App Store could become a malware threat. » 11/07/11 6:17pm 11/07/11 6:17pm

iPhone Copy/Paste Service Pastebud Delivers Copied Text to Random…

Pastebud, the service that lets you copy and paste text from email and Safari, has been sending the copied emails (including personal information) out to anybody but the original user. » 12/13/08 2:45pm 12/13/08 2:45pm

T-Mobile G1 Security Flaw Found, But It's All Under Control, People

A group of security researchers, including former NSA computer security expert Charles A. Miller, has discovered a security flaw in the G1's web browser. The flaw could allow a hacker to trick a G1 user into visiting a malicious website that could install some nasty bugs on the smartphone (or com » 10/25/08 6:00pm 10/25/08 6:00pm). Google was made…

Overheat Risk Makes Sony Recall Vaio TZ Laptops

Sony's issuing a recall for Vaio TZ laptops sold between May 2007 and July 2008: apparently there's a risk of overheating leading to "abnormal heat deformation of the enclosure"—which sounds like a lot more than the usual knee-burn heat of a laptop. It's not due to the battery, mind you, rather it seems like a… » 9/04/08 5:08am 9/04/08 5:08am

Apple Acknowledges Huge iPhone Security Flaw, Calls It "Minor,"…

Apple has acknowledged the huge iPhone security flaw » 8/28/08 5:55pm 8/28/08 5:55pm we tested and reported on two days ago, promising an update for September that will fix the hole that can expose all your private emails, text messages and contacts. But instead of calling a spade a spade and acting as soon as possible, they have decided to minimize…

Sidekick Slide Design Flaw Causes Resets?

Boy Genius reports that Sidekick Slide users are getting sudden restarts after sliding the screen up and down a few times. The cause? Apparently a build flaw that has too big of a gap between the contacts for the battery and the connector on the phone. Telstra, an Australian company, seems to be having similar… » 11/12/07 3:45pm 11/12/07 3:45pm

Seagate 2.5-inch Hard Drive Flaw Affecting MacBooks?

Retrodata, a data-recovery company, has just issued a warning for Apple MacBook owners with Seagate hard drives that were manufactured in China and have a firmware version of 7.01. Apparently these have a fatal flow that cause their read/write heads to fail mechanically, scratching up the hard drive surface as… » 10/29/07 4:40pm 10/29/07 4:40pm