A Facebook Privacy Flaw Gave a Hacker Access to Every Single Account

You probably don't know Nir Goldshlager, but up until recently, he sure could have known you. That's because Nir discovered a major privacy flaw in Facebook's OAuth, the system developers use to access all sorts of information every time you hit that innocent, little "allow" button. Nir gained access to virtually… »2/25/13 11:29am2/25/13 11:29am

Defective Nvidia Graphics Cards Confirmed in Desktops

Really Nvidia, what the hell? After steadfastly arguing that its defective graphics cards »10/14/08 10:20am10/14/08 10:20am were —they've even sent me a lovely email or two reiterating that claim—HP has just confirmed that 38 different desktop models . This is on the heels of Apple concluding that MacBook Pros manufactured between May 2007 and last…