Fujitsu Flepia e-Reader Displays 4,096 Colors

Keep ignoring e-paper and e-readers, but as we see more color displays it will slowly take over the world. And Fujitsu just showed off some of their sweet new color e-reader prototypes. These readers feature 8" or 12" displays, boast 4,096-colors and XGA 768 x 1024 resolution...all on top of touch screen capability.… » 10/11/07 10:48am 10/11/07 10:48am

Fujitsu A4 and A5 FLEPia: They Say Console Reader, we Say eBook

Two years ago, Fujitsu announced that it had come up with the world's first film substrate-based bendable color electronic paper featuring image memory function (snappy name, fellas). Well, now they've made something to put it in: The FLEPia (that's a bit better, but I'm still not convinced). it comes in two sizes,… » 4/20/07 10:10am 4/20/07 10:10am