Confirmed: Fleshlight Developing an iPad Case You Can Have Sex With

The iPad's a darn attractive gadget, but that 30-pin connector ain't made for love. That's why this Fleshlight-holding iPad case concept caught our eye. Imagine all the things you could pretend to have sex with! And it turns out, it's not just some crazy, er, pipe dream. It, or something like it, is coming soon. »1/24/12 3:20pm1/24/12 3:20pm

A Fleshlight Turned Into an Input Device Lets You Control Your Computer By Fucking It

Inspired by our own Addy's post on a man and his "love" of robots, the guy at SlashDong decided to take a Fleshlight and make it into an input device for his computer. The whole setup costs about $100ish, and consists of a cap replacement for the Fleshlight, a control box, a rubber tube, and a USB cable. Oh, and an… »4/10/08 1:00pm4/10/08 1:00pm