How We'll Find Out If the Discovered Plane Wreckage Is Part of MH370

It’s been nearly a year and a half since Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared and investigators finally have their first big lead in the search. A piece of an aircraft’s wing—a flaperon, to be specific—washed up on Réunion Island, east of Madagascar, some 3000 miles away from where investigators were looking. But… »8/01/15 9:00am8/01/15 9:00am

What Will We Find On Passengers' Cell Phones From Flight MH370?

Bearing in mind that CNN is the same network that suggested Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 might have flown into a black hole, it was nonetheless interesting to hear the network speculate that the cell phones of the flight's passengers might hold an archive of unsent emails, texts, photos, and videos of whatever… »4/13/14 1:00pm4/13/14 1:00pm

Chinese Ship Detects Signal in Search for Flight 370

The Associated Press reports that a Chinese ship involved in the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has detected a "pulse" today in the southern part of the Indian Ocean. While Chinese news agencies say the signal is the same type emitted by flight data recorders, the Australian government agency… »4/05/14 10:06am4/05/14 10:06am

Shipping Containers Lost at Sea and the Search for Flight 370

Just how many large mysterious objects can there be floating at sea? That's what many of us have wondered after the search for debris from Malaysia Airlines 370 turned up piece after piece of ocean trash. The search for flight 370 has focused our attention on empty patches of ocean and, in the process, shed light on… »4/02/14 1:40pm4/02/14 1:40pm

This Deep Diving Robosub Could Find the Remnants of Flight 370

As the search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 comes to a frustrating and unsuccessful close, the likelihood of locating the plane's final resting place are astronomically small. However, where an international fleet of search vessels and scanning satellites have failed, this autonomous submarine from Bluefin… »3/26/14 11:40am3/26/14 11:40am

Malaysia Air Officials: MH370 Is Lost Because Nothing Else Makes Sense

In two separate press conferences early this morning, the Australian Defense Minister and the CEO of Malaysia Airlines reiterated that flight MH370 is lost with no survivors, mirroring the Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razik's announcement not 24 hours earlier. But both added one troubling addition: They've come to… »3/25/14 1:58am3/25/14 1:58am

Malaysian Prime Minister: Missing Plane Was Deliberately Diverted

In a news conference on missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 today, Prime Minister Najib Razak declared that the plane was deliberately diverted from its prescribed route to Beijing, flying up to seven hours after takeoff, says The New York Times. Malaysian authorities have released a map plotting the plane's last… »3/15/14 10:00am3/15/14 10:00am

This GIF Shows How Impossible It Is to Find a Plane in the Pacific

The Pacific Ocean is very, very big. Airplanes are big, too—but, compared to the Pacific Ocean, they are almost comically small. So, as rescuers finish up a week of searching unsuccessfully for Malaysia Air Flight 370, it's worth taking a second to marvel at what an impossible a task it is to find one little plane in… »3/13/14 10:40am3/13/14 10:40am

Malaysia Airlines Flight Carrying 239 Vanishes Off Coast of Vietnam

Friday afternoon, at about 1:40 pm EST, a passenger jet flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing disappeared from radar screens and lost radio contact with air traffic control. Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which was scheduled to land four hours later, was carrying 227 passengers, including two infants, and 12 crew members. »3/08/14 10:53am3/08/14 10:53am