iBird Avian Flight Simulator Makes You Feel Like Icarus

The iBird Flight Simulator was easily the most creative demo at Microsoft's Research Summit yesterday. Also developed in conjunction with NYU (like the UnMouse Pad), it uses a USB controller with dual retractable, pulley-style cords, the iBird tracks your movement in 3D space. The iBird then relays that information… » 7/30/08 10:00pm 7/30/08 10:00pm

Flight Sim Indulgences: Hotseat vs. Dream Flyer

In the spirit of the man who replicated a $30k jumbo jet cockpit simulator in his bedroom, these premium flight sim chairs have hit the net. The Hotseat 723 has a yoke for non-combat jets, a 23-inch HDTV, speakers near the floor, pedals and a keyboard rest for about $5k. The Dreamflyer has a stick, 15-degrees of seat… » 11/23/07 2:25pm 11/23/07 2:25pm