Dad of the Year Builds Functional 737 Cockpit in Kids’ Bedroom

Your father may have taken you camping, or driven you to cello practice, or taught you all the lyrics to Jefferson Starship songs. But chances are he didn't go the lengths Laurent Aigon. Over the last five years, at great expensive and after much effort, he built a 737 cockpit so life-like, it's been used as a… »7/27/13 4:30pm7/27/13 4:30pm


iBird Avian Flight Simulator Makes You Feel Like Icarus

The iBird Flight Simulator was easily the most creative demo at Microsoft's Research Summit yesterday. Also developed in conjunction with NYU (like the UnMouse Pad), it uses a USB controller with dual retractable, pulley-style cords, the iBird tracks your movement in 3D space. The iBird then relays that information… »7/30/08 10:00pm7/30/08 10:00pm