Flight Sim + Vuzix VR920 Virtual Reality Goggles = Airsick Fun

Microsoft Flight Simulator X just got cooler: when you strap the $400 Vuzix VR920 headest on and look around, the camera follows your movements. The goggles show you an interactive 3D cockpit, while onscreen, onlookers see a 2D version. Vuzix (which was called Icuiti until a week or so ago) will soon launch an A/V… » 9/12/07 5:35pm 9/12/07 5:35pm

$230k Flight Simulator Took 10 Years in the Making

It might have taken 10 years to complete, but Matthew Sheil's 747 flight simulator is without a doubt the most elaborate set up out there. And it should be considering he shelled out $230k to build it. Sheil, who is an amateur pilot living in Sydney, uses 13 quad-core Voodoo PCs to power his rig. For video, he relies… » 2/06/07 7:51pm 2/06/07 7:51pm

Morphis ESP Motion Simulator: $300K and You're There

Now you and your seven closest friends can tuck yourselves into the Morphis motion simulator, giving you an aviation-quality sim experience that's sure to elicit a variety of responses from ecstasy to nausea. It's equpped with a high-rez 3D visual system and ass-kickin' audio to give you that thrill ride eperience in… » 12/11/06 11:27am 12/11/06 11:27am