Cisco Acquires Pure Digital, Makers of the Flip Video Cam, For $590 Million

Cisco is surely on to something: an enterprise mobile videophone? $500,000 internet backbone router with cute modular Flip video cam? Or maybe they just want a consumer horse besides Linksys in their stable that clearly has some legs: Flip's video cams have sparked a netbook-like fever, with everyone and their brother… »3/19/09 10:00am3/19/09 10:00am

Flip Mino Now Available With Fully Customized Paintjob

Flip Mino »10/14/08 12:01am10/14/08 12:01am, money can buy, can now be personalized to your heart's delight. The new Flip site allows you to choose from hundreds of pre-made designs, upload your own image, or make a one-of-a-kind pattern using their awesomely trippy pattern generator to be printed on the camera's shell. Better still, you can share…

New Flip Mino Mini-Camcorder Outed, Looks Incredibly Small

Creative might be not so creatively cloning the ultra-successful Flip camcorder with its own simplecam, but Pure Digital isn't sitting still. Spotted in a B&H catalog is a new mini-Flip, apparently called the Mino, that looks about as big as a candybar from this pic but it's hard to tell exactly. It's due June 4 for… »5/20/08 5:52pm5/20/08 5:52pm