The First Pick in the NFL Draft Andrew Luck Still Uses a Flip Phone

If you follow football, you'd know that #1 NFL draft pick Andrew Luck is supposed to be the best quarterback prospect since John Elway and the quarterback that'll replace Peyton Manning. Great! What's not great? Flip phones. And that's what Luck, the future multimillionaire, shockingly still uses as his phone. » 4/26/12 9:06pm 4/26/12 9:06pm

Apple iPhone 2.0 Patent Shows Dual-Touchscreen Flipphone

It's rare that Apple's patents actually show the exact form factors of devices they have in development, but this "dual sided trackpad" patent for a phone seems to definitely show that they've got some flipphone version coming up. The patent itself outlines a phone that has two multitouch sensors, both on the "bottom" part … » 3/17/08 12:45pm 3/17/08 12:45pm

GE's Universal Flip Phone Remote Dials Up Star Trek Reruns

We're not sure why you'd want a universal remote that actually has to flip open to use, but we're not going to tell you people how to live your lives. In the chance that you do, GE's $18.99 Flip Unviersal Remote has the standard power, channel and volume buttons on top, with the numbers, video modes and DVD playback… » 7/19/07 6:20pm 7/19/07 6:20pm

LG Shine's Cousins Flip, Get Dipped in Gold

LG's popular Korean phone, the Shine, has not only been updated already, there's now two new versions planned for an eventual release. The first, a gold-dipped hedonistic version, should ship for Korea's CDMA networks first before (possibly) heading everywhere else with a GSM version. » 3/12/07 6:45pm 3/12/07 6:45pm

LG VX8600 Chocolate Flip Phone Headed For Verizon

Now that Halloween's over and the multi-colored Chocolate phones are on sale, we can focus towards Chocolate: The Next Generation. We first saw pictures of the XV8600 flip-chocolate back in August, but we've got specs now. Real, big boy specs! » 11/01/06 4:00pm 11/01/06 4:00pm