Download Flipboard for Android Right Now

The Android iteration of the social reading app Flipboard was supposed to be a Samsung Galaxy S III exclusive. As it turns out, not so much. The app has popped up for download on the XDA-Developers forum, and appears to be installing on a handful of current and previous generation Android devices, handsets and tablets… » 5/09/12 9:50am 5/09/12 9:50am

Flipboard for iPhone: Hold Me Closer Tiny Flipper

Flipboard for iPad is amazing. Throw your Facebook, Twitter, and favorite websites in there and you've created a digital magazine just for you. I suppose the logical next logical step was the iPhone. It's not as spectacular on the iPhone as it is on the iPad. But what do you expect when you take a tabloid magazine and… » 12/14/11 6:07pm 12/14/11 6:07pm

Flipboard Adds Instagram Photos and Social Search

Flipboard, the personalized tablet magazine that Apple named the best iPad app of 2010, just got a handful of excellent updates. First and foremost, you can now pipe your friends' Instagram photos into your digital rag, the larger screen giving them some space to stretch out on (as opposed to being cooped up on your… » 3/10/11 8:40am 3/10/11 8:40am