RCA Releases New Mini-Camcorders With Expandable Memory, Water Resistance

RCA is refreshing and expanding its line of Small Wonder mini camcorders, positioned to compete with the wildly popular Flip Ultra. The new cams feature upgraded video quality, storage and skins, though unfortunately no rechargeable battery. The Pocket and MyLife models don't offer anything too revolutionary, but keep… »5/30/08 8:12pm5/30/08 8:12pm

Creative Vado Official, Way Better Looking Than Flip

Creative today confirmed the existence of the Vado camcorder, one with specs almost exactly identical to the popular Flip, with VGA vid resolution and 2GB of internal flash memory for two hours of film, plus a $100 price tag. It works as a USB drive, but if you want, the optional software will give you instant YouTube… »5/13/08 12:43pm5/13/08 12:43pm