Where to Buy Cheap Flips Before They Go Extinct

Flips! Dead, killed, gone, and murdered by smartphones. But that doesn't mean they're bad little buggers. Hell, for the right discounted price, Flips can still be awesome little video recording machines. Here are the cheapest places to score a Flip before they all disappear. » 4/13/11 11:00am 4/13/11 11:00am

Flip SlideHD Review: Too Much To Be Good Enough

The pocket cam's claim to fame is being "good enough." The Flip SlideHD strives to be a little more, adding a sliding touchscreen for watching videos on the camera itself. That's biting off more than it can, or should, chew. » 4/13/10 12:01am 4/13/10 12:01am

Mysterious Flip Slide HD Spotted at Best Buy

Apparently Mr. Slanty Cam—that's Mr. Blurry Cam's brother—spotted a box containing these Flip Slide HD pocket camcorders in a Best Buy. Guess our favorite cheap camcorder line is getting an addition. [Engadget] » 4/06/10 11:20pm 4/06/10 11:20pm