A Simple Trick to Protect Your PIN From Thieves With Thermal Cameras

Thermal cameras were once expensive and bulky hunks of equipment that very few people could get their hands on. No longer. With FLIR's new iPhone case thermal imaging cameras are now both affordable and incredibly discreet, which means that evil-doers can use it to see the thermal signature your fingers leave on a… » 8/28/14 11:54am 8/28/14 11:54am

16 Ways To Use FLIR's Incredibly Fun Predator-Vision iPhone Camera

There's no doubt about it, being able to see more than just the visible spectrum is the closest thing most of us will ever have to superpowers. Seeing the world through its heat signature is almost like having x-ray vision, and let's not forget, even the Predator made sure to bring his thermal camera with him on his… » 8/15/14 9:00am 8/15/14 9:00am

That Predator-Vision iPhone Camera Case Finally Goes on Sale Tomorrow

Back in January we stumbled across one of the most exciting iPhone accessories we've seen in years. FLIR took the thermal imaging technology it sells to law enforcement and the military and squeezed it down into a compact iPhone 5/5S case called the FLIR ONE that will finally be available for pre-order starting… » 7/22/14 11:09am 7/22/14 11:09am

FLIR Just Turned Your iPhone 5 Into a Predator-Like Thermal Camera

When you're digging for CES gold, you can usually ignore about 99.99 percent of the iPhone accessories announced at the show. But in that last 0.01 percent is where you can find some real treasures. This year FLIR has managed to shrink the same thermal imaging technology it sells to law enforcement and the military so… » 1/07/14 4:01pm 1/07/14 4:01pm

Your iPhone Could Soon Get Predator-Vision

FLIR, or Forward-Looking Infrared, has long been a staple technology for militaries around the world, allowing operations under the cover of night without the blinding shortcomings of conventional night vision goggles. And slowly but surely, this heat-sensing imaging technology is working its way into the consumer… » 8/21/13 12:48pm 8/21/13 12:48pm

This Is the Camera That Found Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Law enforcement didn't pull any punches during its manhunt for the Boston Marathon bombers, going so far as to lock down an entire metropolis while they searched. Even when officers thought they had the second suspect cornered in Watertown boat, they confirmed their suspicions with a camera that can spot people from… » 4/24/13 11:30am 4/24/13 11:30am

The Crazy Accurate Thermal Images That Saw Dzokhar Tsarnaev Through a…

There was no small amount of technology that went into the capture of Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzokhar Tsarnaev, but perhaps none was more impressive than the helicopter-mounted, forward-looking infrared camera that confirmed once and for all that there was someone hiding in a boat in Watertown, Massachusetts.… » 4/20/13 9:18pm 4/20/13 9:18pm

Face-On With FLIR's Night Vision Camera For Cars

You already saw FLIR's PathfindIR's night vision video, showing off what it looks like in use driving down a dark street. Now we've got a face-on of what it's going to look like when you run over a paparazzo that looks eerily like Jason Chen (Benny's the bowl-cut in the foreground). You can still make out the features… » 1/07/08 3:36pm 1/07/08 3:36pm

Night Vision For Any Car: FLIR PathfindIR

The Bottom line: Remember that urban tale of the drug running lambo doing 200mph runs using merely night vision? FLIR, used to making commercial nightvision systems for law enforcement, marine, and airborne vehicle has trickled the tech into civilian hands. The PathfindIR is their first infrared night vision adaptable… » 1/04/08 5:28pm 1/04/08 5:28pm