Amazing Fly Stick Levitating Toy Doesn't Need Spells, Just Static Electricity

"Wow!" was basically my reaction to this video of the Fly Stick levitating toy in action, followed by the realization that this is about as near as you'll ever get to really playing with magic (or the Force, my inner geek reminded me). Of course the forces it uses are all very real: it's a mini battery-powered Van… »10/29/08 4:45pm10/29/08 4:45pm

Pioneer 3D Floating Vision: Half Wii, Half Surface, All 3D

Pioneer showed off their new Floating Vision technology at CEATEC this year. It's a system of layers: first, an LCD with built-in computer, then an array of 3D lenses, and finally the "space sensor," or virtual screen, where you can wave your fingers around and watch the 3D animations react accordingly. But the… »10/04/08 3:00pm10/04/08 3:00pm

Dubai Taking More Cues From Failed Movies By Sinking Money Into Floating Islands in the Shape of Letters

Just when we thought Dubai couldn't make more absurd architectural decisions, they go and commission a Dutch dude to make floating islands in the shape of Arabic letters that spell out a part of a poem. This floater of an idea has been tried before, albeit on a smaller scale with cruise ship terminals, mosques and a… »4/21/08 8:45pm4/21/08 8:45pm