How they made electronic music 30 years ago

Garage Band, Pro Tools, Logic, sequencers on tablets and phones—anyone can create music these days with zero programming knowledge. But Diode Milliampere shows you how it was done with MS-DOS. Yes, that command line inputting, C-drive accessing MS-DOS from 30 years ago. It turned out pretty well! » 2/05/14 12:20am 2/05/14 12:20am

I'm Sad That No Kid Will Ever Know What This Coffee Table Really Is

Can you imagine the conversation you would have with a child, hell, a tween, about this coffee table? "You see, son. Before the cloud and usb sticks. Before hard drives and iPhones and Androids. Before the iPod and even before the CD player, there was something called the floppy disk. And it stored 1.44MB. Yeah, I… » 11/30/12 11:00pm 11/30/12 11:00pm

Apple Should Make an Ad Campaign with This Old, Broken Photo…

The other night, a friend and I happened upon a rather old, beat up photo booth. I love a photo booth. I will never not shell out a few bucks for a strip of pictures, when there's a photo booth near by. So you can imagine my frustration upon seeing the above pictured text on the old, graffitied-over screen. » 7/13/12 2:00am 7/13/12 2:00am

Too Bad You Can't Copy Radiohead's Floppy

When it dropped, OK Computer sounded exactly like our computerized future. Nevermind that Kid A better captured the clicks and whirs of life inside a server room, Radiohead's third album was an instant classic that dropped just as we fully entered the digital age. » 4/10/12 8:40pm 4/10/12 8:40pm

If a Byte Were a Gram a Floppy Disk Would Weigh 10 Cats

To help visualize the difference between kilobytes, megabytes and other bytes the people at IBM Systems Magazine decided to find out how much "weight" our storage tools could hold if bytes were grams. » 4/11/11 5:40pm 4/11/11 5:40pm

The Entire Internet on a Floppy Disk

It really speaks to our youthful naivety when we could imagine ourselves shrilling, "ooh, the Internet is all in this awesome, pocketable floppy disk. We have arrived"! Though I guess some of our parents and even un-techsavvy friends would still believe such a thing. [Unplggd] » 3/05/11 2:00pm 3/05/11 2:00pm

How Many Floppy Disks Do I Need to Load Photoshop, Again?

These brilliant posters spell out the number of floppies needed to load iTunes, Firefox and even Photoshop. I'm so glad we only have to insert one disc instead of 358 floppies for Photoshop CS4 these days. [Behance via Photojojo] » 11/16/10 1:00pm 11/16/10 1:00pm

Ladies, Please Don't Rely On A Floppy Disk For Self-Defense

101 Weapons for Women is probably a lovely book with plenty of great suggestions as to what can be used as an improvised weapon in case of danger, but I really don't think a floppy disk belongs among those things. » 8/30/10 11:40pm 8/30/10 11:40pm

Dr. NakaMats: The Man Who Claims to Have Invented Nearly Everything You…

It's tough to think about inventors without remembering dear Dr. NakaMats. He claims to have invented over 3,000 items—frequently while almost drowning himself—and basically thinks Thomas Edison's an uneducated wimp who quit at 1,093 inventions. » 8/27/10 10:20pm 8/27/10 10:20pm

Freecom CLS External Drives an Homage to Obsolete Storage

Freecom's CLS external hard drive series take an aesthetic page from cassettes and floppies of our already distant memory. Each 2.5" drive is minimal, durable, and can be hand-labeled for quick reference to its contents. » 8/11/10 1:40pm 8/11/10 1:40pm

The Island of Apple-Banished Toys

When Apple breaks with a technology—like, say, Flash—where does it go to live out the rest of its days? Looks like a nice little purgatory, actually! I think in this scenario, HyperCard is Gilligan. [Joy of Tech] » 6/15/10 11:40am 6/15/10 11:40am

Another Format Bites The Dust: Sony Discontinues Floppy Disks

What, wait? Sony's been churning out floppy disks all these years? And 12m were sold last year in Japan alone? I guess that's not enough though—as Sony Japan will cease selling them March 2011. [Akihabara News] » 4/26/10 2:36am 4/26/10 2:36am

Floppy Disk Post-It Notes Make You Remember Not Just Disks, But Pens Too

Call me old-fashioned, but I do think these floppy disk sticky notes are a lot more fun than the iPhone and iPad variants. Sure, you can't design apps in the blank space...but you can come up with fun fake file-names! » 4/20/10 6:14am 4/20/10 6:14am

Percussion Instrument Made From Old Floppy Disks

Making pleasing noises your ears will appreciate, and looking like dinosaur bones that have been strung up together by a crafter, this is a 21st century version (or should that be 20th century?) version of the traditional kokiriko instrument. » 3/31/10 6:00pm 3/31/10 6:00pm

Floppy Disk Ceramic Tiles Store No Data Except For Your Grime

Your wife may be leaning towards the fired damasco renaissance tiles, but you know better. You know to shop around before heading down to Tiles Etc. You know to look at Gizmodo—your friendly floppy disk tiles purveyor. » 3/31/10 6:40am 3/31/10 6:40am

81-Year-Old Dr. NakaMats May Have Invented Nearly Everything You Hold…

This man says he invented over 3,000 things including floppies and springy-shoes—frequently while diving underwater until he almost died. He basically thinks Thomas Edison's an uneducated wimp who quit at 1,093 inventions. Sounds ridiculous? Watch this: » 3/03/10 8:40pm 3/03/10 8:40pm

Man, We’ve Come a Long Way From Floppies

This infographic makes me so glad that we came up with storage methods other than floppy disks. Imagine replacing your 2TB hard drive with 1,422,222 floppies. No thank you. Update: » 11/28/09 6:00pm 11/28/09 6:00pm

Floppy Skywalker and Darth Disk Fight to the Death or Something

Second parts are never good, except for the Godfather II and The Empire Strikes Back. This fight between the floppy sides of the Force is also a second part, better than the first one. » 3/26/09 12:20pm 3/26/09 12:20pm

HP USB Flash Drive Can Pretend To Be Floppy

No... not that kind of floppy...a disk-type one. Why is this useful? Apparently some BIOS updates still need you to jam in a floppy disk, despite the fact that many a PC nowadays ships without a drive for you to jam the disk into. So HP's floppy-emulating USB flash drive gizmo is more a sysadmin's friend, rather than… » 10/24/08 5:24am 10/24/08 5:24am