What Concept Product Should Have Been Made?

Thanks to the blight blessing of crowdfunding, the internet has more product concepts and design ideas and badly-rendered napkin sketches than ever before. But despite the seemingly endless number of people willing to give money to hastily-thought-out sketches, some legitimately great ideas have never seen the light… » 11/22/14 11:35am 11/22/14 11:35am

Did You Know that These Strange Fields of Ice Flowers Exist At Sea?

This beautiful alien landscape is right here on Earth: a never-ending sea of ice flowers quietly floating over a thinly frozen sea. These strange ice structures are very rich in salt and bacteria—and very hard to pick, according to oceanography doctoral candidate Jeff Bowman. » 12/15/12 4:55pm 12/15/12 4:55pm

How to Use a Glass Coke Bottle to Quench Your Plants' Thirst

The narration is husky and the instructions sound: why toss that glass Coke bottle into the trash (or recycling bin!), when you're a few modifications away from a retro-tastic plant waterer? Beats an Aqua Globe, anyway. » 6/10/11 8:38am 6/10/11 8:38am

LED Flowers That Bloom In Darkness

Click to viewPart dreamcatcher, part lamp, part nocturnal flower: that's Morning Glory, a project by Wendy Legro recently showcased in Milan. During the day, it allows natural light to flood in. At dusk, it unfolds to brighten the night. It's beautiful. [FastCompany] » 5/07/10 5:40pm 5/07/10 5:40pm

De-Smell Your Dell With A USB Scent Flower

Men! Do you smell so bad that even your laptop has started stinking? Desperate times call for desperate measures, which means you might just have to consider this USB scent flower. » 1/14/10 2:00pm 1/14/10 2:00pm

Flower Filament Lamp, Lights With a Bloom. Not a Boom, Fool

Hey ladies— I wanna show you my lamp. No, no, really: it's just a lamp. It looks like a light bulb, and only lights up when you put a flower inside. See, I can be tremulous and tender too. Say what? There's a bug on the flower? I'll squash that bug, man! Squash it good! *SMASH*. Uh ... Hey Ha-Na Yeom, designer person,… » 4/01/08 10:49am 4/01/08 10:49am

Rose Petal Cannon: My Love Knows No Sane Boundaries

I'm not getting married anytime soon, but if I were, I'd have to arm a platoon of flower girls with these Rose Petal Cannons. No better way to express undying love than with pyrotechnic floral buckshot. » 4/03/07 11:45pm 4/03/07 11:45pm

Dandella: Flower Power GPS

Designed for simplicity, the Dandella GPS device breaks down navigation to its most fundamental level: physical direction. Instead of voice prompting, the dandelion-shaped unit actually bends toward your chosen destination (programmed by docking vase), and light cues signal if you are getting hotter or...greener.… » 2/18/07 2:17pm 2/18/07 2:17pm

The Communication Flower

Even if we could read Japanese, we'd still be boggled at what the hell this Communication Flower is for. From what we've pieced together through the powers of Google translator and a spirit medium, the Communication Flower consists of two people—one human and one pixie—which combine together to tell you what your… » 12/27/06 4:05pm 12/27/06 4:05pm