Picking The Right Compact Fluorescent Light For Every Room of Your Home

We have all heard about how it pays to go green when you ditch your power guzzling incandescent bulbs for money saving, eco-friendly CFLs-but have you given any thought to what type of CFLs work best in a particular room? Wired has, which is why they came up with a guide that covers the best lighting solutions for… »6/25/08 6:00pm6/25/08 6:00pm


Refined Cereal Light Fixtures: Fortified With Frosted Flakes and Fluorescents

You won't find any Grape Nuts or Fiber-rich Colon Blow on the Refined Cereal lighting fixture by the aptly titled Refined Sugar Studio. In fact, the light is meant as a nod toward our favorite sugary sweet breakfast cereals like Capn' Crunch, Count Chocula and Trix. The cereal images are made using… »5/28/08 3:30pm5/28/08 3:30pm

Planilum Light Emitting Glass Can Illuminate Your Home For 20 Years

With fluorescents and LEDs making major headway in the market, energy efficient alternatives to the incandescent bulb are becoming big business. That having been said, the next big thing could be coming out of a partnership between Saazs and Saint-Gobain Innovations in the form of Planilum—the "world's first light… »5/21/08 5:10pm5/21/08 5:10pm