WowWee Bladestar Autonomous Helicopter and Waiter-Decapitation Device

This is the new WowWee FlyTech Bladestar, an R/C helicopter-type toy that can also fly around "autonomously," avoiding walls and faces using an IR beam. You still need to pay attention to it, however, as it'll keep flying higher and higher unless you tell it to stay low, otherwise it'll fly too close to the sun and… » 1/05/08 7:38pm 1/05/08 7:38pm

My Cat Vs. The Dragonfly, The Battle to End All Battles

Click to viewLet me give you a little background on my cat. She may look innocent, and on many accounts she is. But there are grown men in this world who fear her, as if she is a full-grown lion prepared to maim those who do not refill her water dish with the proper alacrity. (To be fair, half of that description is… » 3/04/07 6:02pm 3/04/07 6:02pm