Sarotech's Abigs DVP-260X Media Player Holds 320GB, Does 5.1 Audio and HDMI, Plus FM Transmitter

Sarotech's' 2.5-inch ABigs player seems to be designed by an engineer with a gigantic budget. Why? Because it's got a 2.5-inch display, H.264 and MKV support, 1080p over HDMI and 5.1-channel out, a built-in FM transmitter, a photo viewer, an e-book and both PAL and NTSC compatibility. The 160GB version is available… »7/24/08 2:20pm7/24/08 2:20pm

FM Radio Antenna Lets You FM Radio It Up Without the Headphones

What a pain in the ass it is to have to plug in headphones to your cellphone in order to catch Kasey Kasem and his sappy dedications on FM radio. No more! This FM Aerial (antenna), which you can easily find on eBay, lets you bypass using a set of headphones as an antenna and lets you use an antenna as an antenna.… »3/17/08 5:30pm3/17/08 5:30pm

Microsoft Updates Zune Accessories, Adds Third-Party Manufacturers

Microsoft's just updated their line of Zune accessories for the second generation Zune, to no one's surprise. The accessories include the Zune Home A/V Pack, which lets you charge your Zune, output video via the composite cable, and control it from a distance with the wireless remote. There's also a Home Dock which is… »10/30/07 2:14pm10/30/07 2:14pm

DLO TransDock Deluxe Keeps You From Crashing Your Car

There's been little innovation in the car iPod dock space lately, so that's why DLO's TransDock Deluxe caught us by surprise. Sure, its individual components—a steering wheel mounted remote, an FM tuner, an iPod mount, an AV-out port, an Aux-in port and a USB charging port—can be found elsewhere, but this is the first… »5/24/07 3:00pm5/24/07 3:00pm