Brando BTM-118 Bluetooth Headset Squeezes in FM Radio, Display

I kind of like the BTM-118 from Brando, with its weird fusion of Bluetooth headset and FM radio in one gizmo. Maybe because I use a similar clip-on headset (partly to avoid fashion geekiness.) I guess this might be useful if you're into radio but your cellphone doesn't do it: most ones with built-in radio use the… »6/03/08 9:35am6/03/08 9:35am

Oh Joy! Stitch CD Player Rocks My Tiny, Childlike Brain

Fans of kitsch plastic gewgaws might find this Stitch radio and CD player from Runat so far up their street it's parked in their garage. Modelled on the Disney alien from the 2002 movie Lilo and Stitch, and most probably a tie-in for the upcoming anime series Stitch! it looks awesome with its mouth open—as you can see… »4/24/08 5:55am4/24/08 5:55am

FM Radio Antenna Lets You FM Radio It Up Without the Headphones

What a pain in the ass it is to have to plug in headphones to your cellphone in order to catch Kasey Kasem and his sappy dedications on FM radio. No more! This FM Aerial (antenna), which you can easily find on eBay, lets you bypass using a set of headphones as an antenna and lets you use an antenna as an antenna.… »3/17/08 5:30pm3/17/08 5:30pm

New MoogerFooger Uses Broadcast Radio Signals for Even Weirder Sounds

Moog, the company so beloved of prog-rock (plink-plonk, strum, zzzzzzz) and funk (Wikki-wikki, shukka-shukka, Yowzah!) artists in the '70s—founder Bob Moog started building Theremins back in the '50s with his dad. As you do‐has brought out a new MoogerFooger, a studio gadget beloved by today's producers and musicians. »3/30/07 6:34am3/30/07 6:34am