Greenhouse FM Transmitter Brings Music Streaming to Your Obese iPod nano

The fat, fun-loving iPod nano just got music streaming capabilities, all thanks to the Greenhouse FM transmitter. The streaming device looks rather swank, and is available in five complementing colors, including metallic black, silver, red, green and blue. It will allow you to chuck out your tunes to any free radio… »1/18/08 4:00am1/18/08 4:00am

Belkin Site Makes FM Transmitters Slightly Cooler

I hate FM transmitters for iPods, but I think Belkin's new service might make me hate them a little bit less. The company today launched a website that tells you what FM stations are the cleanest (i.e. least active) in your area. I'd like to see this combined with Google Maps, so that I'd know when and where to switch… »5/23/07 10:02am5/23/07 10:02am

Greenhouse FM Transmitter for Second Generation iPod nano

Greenhouse has come out with a titchy FM transmitter for the second-generation iPod nano. The GH-FTC-IPOD2N comes with the longest name ever and weighs just 0.35 ounces (10 grams). Available in five colors, it also comes with its own car charger. It costs $30 in Japan now, but given the iPod craze, it won't be long… »3/26/07 5:48am3/26/07 5:48am

Best iPod Accessory Ever: Combination Breathalyzer, FM Transmitter

I've been writing about iPod accessories since the beginning of time, and this is no doubt the best one I've ever seen. Call me an alcoholic, but having a breathalyzer is pretty damn important. A breathalyzer is the perfect device to determine how ugly of a girl you can take home that night and still be considered… »9/12/06 6:00pm9/12/06 6:00pm