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A trio of Toshibas, the newest Palm smartphones, and an FM transmitter that won't make you want to tear your brain out. Start saving your tax return for what's now available. » 1/25/10 6:00pm 1/25/10 6:00pm

Belkin TuneCast Auto Radio Transmitter Hijacks Your Radio With the…

Right, so FM transmitters are generally terrible. Not just because they sound worse than direct line-in connections and even tape adapters, but because they're a pain to control. Belkin has solved at least one of these problems, for iPhone users. » 1/25/10 11:46am 1/25/10 11:46am

Alpine eX-10 Bluetooth Hub and iPod FM Transmitter For Your Car

Like the Venturi Mini, the eX-10 includes an FM transmitter, along with support for the A2DP stereo Bluetooth profile, and can pair with up to four devices simultaneously. However, the Alpine device ups the ante by packing in an iPod cable and a larger display (but sadly it's not a touch screen). We also liked the… » 11/13/07 8:48pm 11/13/07 8:48pm

Venturi Mini Car Bluetooth Hub Brings It All Together

The petite Venture Mini Bluetooth car hub is a combination FM transmitter, speakerphone, A2DP streamer and 12V charger. It can pair with up to four devices simultaneously and features in/out audio ports to connect your DAP. There's also a standard USB port for charging. For an improved speakerphone experience, there's… » 11/13/07 12:01am 11/13/07 12:01am

Kensington LiquidFM Transmitters Seek Clearest Channels, Transmit Track…

Today Kensington introduced its LiquidFM line of FM transmitters. The top tier products have QuickSeek, the technology the company first launched in May: With the touch of a button, it will find the three cleanest frequencies for you to set your radio on. The LiquidFM Deluxe for iPod ($99) will not only transmit the… » 9/17/07 2:10pm 9/17/07 2:10pm

Thanko iPod FM Transmitter and Wireless Remote Control

Japan's Thanko—bless their hearts—has released their very own FM transmitter for all shapes and sizes of the iPod. Unfortunately, this FM transmitter isn't as charming as perhaps other Thanko products. Like every other FM transmitter, it frees your iPod from having to be plugged into a stereo just to be able to hear… » 9/19/06 8:49am 9/19/06 8:49am

iStuff iCast FM Transmitter for UK iPod Users

The UK is poised to drop that crazy law that legally prevented people from using FM transmitters to send their iPod's buttery beats to their radio, so Britons will need to start shopping around for the myriad FM transmitters, the most promising of which is the iCast from iStuff. Given the official seal of approval… » 8/25/06 9:33am 8/25/06 9:33am