The Best Nerf Gun for Every Kid (At Heart)

As a kid, I strapped a Nerf gun to my bicycle so I could dive bomb the neighborhood kids, while traveling—I imagined—at five times the speed of sound. As an adult, I’ve carried a foam-firing blaster to no fewer than three jobs. But a funny thing happened earlier this year: I realized my old guns weren’t any good… » 4/03/15 2:25pm 4/03/15 2:25pm

Nerf-Like Foam Headphones Your Kids Won't Instantly Destroy

There's a reason brands like Nerf and Tonka are popular with parents: it's because they're almost impossible for kids to destroy. So Marblue decided to take a similar approach with its headphones designed for kids, by making the frame out of nearly indestructible foam. And of course, they called them Headfoams. » 5/23/14 9:20am 5/23/14 9:20am

Stripped car transforms into exotic sports car with magic foam

Reddit user Geeky_ shows how a scrap car can be magically transformed into an exotic sports car with expanding foam. The car, which is pretty much just a stripped metal body, gets fattened up with luxurious curves and looks like it costs a million bucks. Slick. Painted blob never looked so good. » 4/10/14 8:57pm 4/10/14 8:57pm

Soft Foam Cabinets Are the Ultimate Kid-Friendly Furniture

If you've got little kids crawling, walking, or running around, your home is probably a maze of security gates, closed doors, and padded corners. As a parent there's no such thing as too much safety, and Netherlands-based Studio Dewi van de Klomp's unique line of soft foam cabinets could be the perfect furniture… » 9/09/13 10:12am 9/09/13 10:12am

Spray-On Sweatbands Provide Instant, Silly Relief From the Heat

You can already buy shirts and other garments specifically designed to keep you cool while battling the heat, but they're no where near as revolutionary as this refreshing Cold Foam. It comes ready-to-spray like a can of silly string, and once released the foam immediately chills to just over 1 degree Fahrenheit, and… » 10/04/12 12:04pm 10/04/12 12:04pm

Marware's Game Grip Will Aesthetically Ruin Your iPhone

Gaming on the iPhone and iPod touch could be great with the addition of a gamepad handle: the promise of the iControlPad » 11/01/08 9:00pm 11/01/08 9:00pm comes to mind. But the iPhone platform doesn't deserve two giant foam handles that do nothing but ruin the sleek lines of the device, providing no buttons, no extra battery life, and no added…