Seeing fog roll through a mountain is like seeing a horde of ghosts

I'm supposed to know better. Fog is a phenomenon of weather. It's a low cloud hanging near the ground. It's shrouded moisture. It's not a haunting ghost. It's not from another planet. But why does this hypnotic time lapse of fog rolling through the Rocky Mountains from Richard Gottardo feel so supernatural? Or at… » 12/05/13 10:44pm 12/05/13 10:44pm

MIT's Fog Harvester Is a Better Way To Get Water From Thin Air

Fog harvesting systems—giant nets that collect and funnel billions of tiny drops of water into a reservoir—are already in use in parts of the world where rainfall is rare. But researchers at MIT, working with experts from the Pontifical Catholic University in Santiago, Chile, have found a way to vastly improve those… » 9/03/13 2:40pm 9/03/13 2:40pm

Halloween Bubble Fogger Delivers Targeted Strikes of Fog-Filled…

Halloween fog machines? Been there, inhaled that. Bubble machines? Still pretty cool, soap in the eye or not. But what if humanity had created a machine that combined the venerable fog machine with bubbles? Interest piqued? Consider it done!According to the Bubble Fogger's Amazon listing, this marvelous contraption… » 9/07/08 10:00am 9/07/08 10:00am

Smoke Turret Will Make You King of the Party (Through Force if…

Quite simply, the Smoke Turret is the most dangerous-looking fog machine on the market. Five feet tall and swiveling 180-degrees on its tripod base, the turret's six barrels utilize a 90psi air compressor to fire smoke for up to 15 feet. On top of that, a strobe light is concealed in the gun sight for a little extra… » 8/27/08 11:20am 8/27/08 11:20am

More Details on the Rock Band Stage Kit

If the latest update over at Gamestop is correct, we have new details on Rock Band's upcoming stage kit, an easy way to bring real lights and fog to your otherwise fake performances. (Hey, I'm not bashing it. 99.9% of the population has failed at their dreams of rock stardom, including those who actually play… » 5/27/08 10:10am 5/27/08 10:10am