I Honor the Place Where the MARK Bookmark and I Become One

Avnish Gautam has designed an amazing concept bookmark that lights up at night and covers the area you're reading. The MARK uses flexible OLED technology on a thin piece of plastic to illuminate the reading area to your preferred brightness. I know when I'm reading the Fake Steve Jobs book, the only thing that… »11/05/07 2:26pm11/05/07 2:26pm

Flexible OLED Video Demo Reminds Us Of the 80s, Only More Flexible

Don't let the old school synth-style music fool you, this FOLED display is cutting edge. FOLED, which stands for Flexible Organic Light Emitting Diodes, can be placed on other flexible material like plastic or metallic foil. It offers an improvement over regular LCDs that need to be built on glass substrate.