iFolio Converts iPhone into Ultra-Light Laptop, So Light It Doesn't Exist

With visions of the MacBook Air hovering tantalizingly before us, one designer took a page from the now-dead Palm Foleo and has docked the iPhone into a really barebones 12" chassis—essentially nothing more than a screen, keyboard and USB ports. Willy Yonkers, its creator, thinks that if you kept it simple it could… » 1/15/08 2:40am 1/15/08 2:40am

LG Touch Design Combines iPhone and Palm Foleo

This design for the LG Touch seems interesting if just for the fact that they took a bunch of different technologies and shoved them into one piece of gear. The Touch looks like a Prada-ish phone on the outside, but takes the iPhone's touchscreen capabilities and combines them with a dockable base reminiscent of the… » 10/30/07 7:40pm 10/30/07 7:40pm