iFolio Converts iPhone into Ultra-Light Laptop, So Light It Doesn't…

With visions of the MacBook Air hovering tantalizingly before us, one designer took a page from the now-dead Palm Foleo and has docked the iPhone into a really barebones 12" chassis—essentially nothing more than a screen, keyboard and USB ports. Willy Yonkers, its creator, thinks that if you kept it simple it could sell … » 1/15/08 2:40am 1/15/08 2:40am

i-Mate Creating Palm Foleo-like UMPC With i-Mate Shell?

According to Ubergizmo, i-Mate's working on a Palm Foleo-like UMPC/PDA device that has a 1024x768 display, a built-in keyboard, an 80 (!) hour battery, and a price point of only $300. However, this shell is just a "shell" (like its name), and uses one of i-Mate's Windows Mobile Ultimate smartphones as a base/processor.… » 10/23/07 2:29pm 10/23/07 2:29pm

Ultimate Launch Wrap-Up: Palm's New Foleo Does What Exactly?

OK, so the rumors weren't rumors, just little wispy truths that have been confirmed by one big announcement: Palm has indeed built some kind of crazy laptop-like friend for the Treo, called Foleo. Suffice it to say, the initial reaction has not been overwhelmingly positive. » 5/30/07 5:30pm 5/30/07 5:30pm