Fonera 2 Router Upgraded With 802.11n, Support for YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, Others

FON has done some elective surgery on their Fonera 2 router, released just a few months ago with NAS, 3G and BitTorrent support. On top of those previous upgrades, the newest version includes 802.11n connectivity, web app upload support and reduced power usage. But first: What the hell is Fonera? » 7/14/09 5:29am 7/14/09 5:29am

10,000 Free FON WiFi Routers and a Review: Go!

Fon, those lovable guys trying to make a WiFi sharing community, are celebrating their 1-year birthday with a 10,000 router giveaway. The b/g routers have both a private and public access point, and you can share your broadband with strangers in exchange for free access to other Fon user's APs around the world, or for… » 2/06/07 2:23pm 2/06/07 2:23pm

$5 FON La Fonera Router Shares WiFi, Out Now

FON just released their second WiFi Sharing router, subsidized, for $5. Sharing?! Yea, remember? FON is that company that lets you hop other FON user hotspots, in exchange for making your hotspot open, too. Their new hardware, dubbed La Fonera, which literally translated means "The Winged Mallard Flies at Midnight."… » 10/12/06 6:07pm 10/12/06 6:07pm